Startup Grind creates and shares stories and strategies by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs on our blog, Medium, and major media outlets.
You're a voracious reader, especially of technology news, marketing tips, and founder stories.
You've published writing online before - on a personal blog, Medium, or on a major news outlet.
You're likely a founder, investor, technologist, marketer, product designer - or aspiring to be one.
You're value-driven. You help other founders. They're your friends, not just LinkedIn contacts.

Sound like you? You'd be popular with Startup Grind readers.
We'd love to have you become a regular monthly contributor to the blog.

Each month, contributors create 1-4 original pieces for Startup Grind's 300,000 monthly readers and global media partners like Fortune, Inc, GeekTime, and BCG.

Your pieces will be: Useful, not promotional. Original, not recycled. Insightful, not bland.
The best contributors will receive op-ed opportunities from major media outlets, media passes to events and conferences, get exposure for themselves and their projects across 85 countries, access to paid opportunities and VIP introductions.

This application is the first of two steps to becoming a contributor. Expect to do some writing before being accepted as a Startup Grind contributor.
Let's Get Started
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Startup Grind educates, inspires, and connects entrepreneurs across 215 cities & 85 countries. Three values guide our work, and the content we produce: Give, rather than take. Help first. Make friends, not connections.

Writers are expected to contribute at least one post per month with the following criteria, or they may be exited.

1. Your pieces must offer a good answer to "How will reading this make me a better entrepreneur?"
2. For the style of your piece, write how you would talk to your cofounder. Add a little personality.
3. Write in 350-2000 English words, and break up your piece with paragraphs, headings, and images.
4. Pieces must be original. If you set off our plagiarism checker, we might ask you to move on.
5. Offer a fresh perspective, replicable strategy, or compelling story around topics of product, marketing, team building, investing, or startup culture and community.
How many posts are you currently creating per month? *

We target two blog posts per month per contributor. Posters who consistently exceed this minimum will be first to receive perks like event tickets, interview opportunities, and oped pitches from outlets like Fortune or Inc.
Do you publish your content on any major media outlets?

This would include but not be limited to the likes Huffington Post, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, and any major blog with over 10,000 daily readers.
Please list or provide links to anywhere your work has already appeared.
Please provide the full URL to 1-3 of your best posts. *

Sample work is strongly preferred. If none is available, explain what would make you an excellent contributor.
If you became a Startup Grind contributor today, what are 3-5 articles you might write first?

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Thank you so much for applying!
This is going to be sooo good. We can't wait to read what you have to share, and we'll be in touch ASAP if we think your content will be a good fit for Startup Grind.

In the next step, you'll receive an email once we have reviewed your application. If cleared, we'll ask you for two original 500-2000 word blog posts for potential publication on the Startup Grind homepage.

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